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Ernie Kapanke

Managing Partner
  • LinkedIn

Ernie Kapanke is exactly what you’d expect from a world-class agency exec. Outstanding presentation, communication and management skills? Got ‘em. A commitment to quality and client service? Ask anybody. A business leader with a long strategic view? Obv. 


What you might not expect is that Ernie Kapanke is using those awesome powers for good.


As Managing Partner, Ernie helps brands communicate their inspiring efforts and brand purpose to their customers, employees and

shareholders, for the betterment of all.


Underpinned by a 15 year tenure in the Omnicom media family, he brings the experience needed to manage cross functional teams, the service mindset to meet high client expectations, and the Beyonce-like work ethic required to craft solutions as innovative as the brands he works for.  Plus, he’s nice, so there’s that.

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