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Our Vision.

​We believe that when good intentions become meaningful actions,

inspiring stories are born.


We believe in a world where people are free to express themselves; live a free and dignified life; share unique cultures, customs, and languages; travel open borders, and maintain their individual identity while contributing to the greater good.


We realize our vision by helping organizations communicate what they are doing to make the world a better place. We create experiences that excite all five senses. We share stories of hope, of those overcoming adversity, and triumphs of the human spirit.

What We Do.

Strategic Consulting
40. Сhess.png

Let us use our boundless curiosity and creativity to reveal the heart of your brand, in service of reaching your fullest potential.

Experience Design
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Event Production
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Content Marketing
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We draw the blueprint for a moving experience that will forge emotional connections with your audience and inspire growth and change.

It’s time to light the lights. Your audience is immersed in the experience we’ve built for them, and the effect is personal and stirring. They may laugh. They may cry. One thing is certain: they will feel.

We confirm people's feelings about your brand by providing value: meaningful content, thoughtful dialogue, a true partnership in advocacy and community. 

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Sponsorship Activation
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We energize your community, whether it’s employees, new partners, or customers, by aligning your brand to properties that resonate with them.


Our Team.


Ernie Kapanke

Managing Partner

2019_0614 Dawn Barger0107_Full Frame.jpg
2019_0614 Dawn Barger0107_Full Frame.jpg

Dawn Barger

Executive Producer

Rose Gold.jpeg
Rose Gold.jpeg

Rose Gold

Creative Director

Asset 6.png
Asset 7.png

Peter McKinney

Creative Director


Guy Patton

Creative Director

Copy & Content


Lynne Filderman

Executive Producer

Director of Strategic Partnerships

Why "Studio 5x5"?

Historically, mission-critical operations relied on radio communications to deliver orders loud and clear.  A rating of 1 to 5 was used in reporting back signal STRENGTH and CLARITY. To be heard 5 by 5 meant that the message was being heard LOUD and CLEAR.


With our founder's interest and experience in aviation and commercial radio, the historical parlance naturally conveyed the essence of our purpose.


Studio 5x5 delivers your positive message with strength and clarity and your audience reads you loud and clear.

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