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Guy Patton

Creative Director | Copy & Content
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Guy Patton is a NY-based writer and filmmaker. He enjoys working with brands to infuse their messaging with humor, warmth, joy and a sense of wonder. He’s known for delivering high production value within limited budgets.


An alumnus of the world-famous Upright Citizens Brigade Theatre, Guy has produced dozens of sketch comedy videos that have racked up millions of views. Guy was a contributing writer for The Onion News Network and MTV’s “Popzilla”, and his work has also appeared on the College Humor and UCBComedy websites.


He wrote and directed the award-winning indie action thriller “Pearl,” which despite having a budget less than the price of a used car, was acquired for international distribution by Indican Pictures. His sci-fi comedy script “Snatchers” was made into a film and is eyeing festivals for 2021.


He’s worked with Cigna, PNC Bank, Seagrams, and countless other brands to help them forge intimate connections with audiences. He supposes the brands actually could be counted, but he’s not a math person, and this bio is supposed to be short-ish.


Guy is such a big nerd for Jersey City, NJ that he resides there with his wife Dana and son Finn. You should check it out, it’s up-and-coming.

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