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Let's Be SuperReal.

One of the advantages of living in New York is seeing a variety of art expressed in music, theater, galleries, and architecture.

This month, a multimedia pop-up experience offers precise projection mapping and a take on blending the real with the surreal. Moment Factory's SuperReal, running through Labor Day, provides visitors a colorful, quick escape from the NYC streets. 

The ambitious project is located directly across from Wall Street's Charging Bull at Cipriani 25 Broadway, the cavernous, former Cunard cruise line ticket lobby. Timed entry helps control the flow of traffic without feeling too crowded or being rushed through the event. Similar in stature to last year's Dream Ship DestiNY in the same venue, SuperReal's expression of light and projected images envelope the viewer in several scenes evoking nature, a nightclub, and outer space.

Moment Factory's legacy of multimedia and inspired storytelling is reason enough to see their art in action when you get the chance. This experience is technically impressive and immerses the audience in sight and sound. Though, when viewing the canvas from a distance, it feels impersonal in such a large hall. And, without a full understanding of the artist's intentions,  SuperReal's  promise to "journey through multidimensional realms" seems a bit out of reach. 


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